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Neon Shift now available on the App Store

Zombie Run now available on the App Store

IOS Game, iPad and iPhone

Neon Shift

In this colourful galactic game, test your reaction skills to dodge the chaos coming for you with fast pace soundtrack to spur you on, it never ends… unless you die. How far you can go?

IOS Game, iPad and iPhone

Zombie Run

Crazed zombies have infected Tyler’s pixel world, help him escape in this endless runner game. Using your quickwittedness and Tyler’s speed wearing only his high tech hazmat suit to keep him safe, respawn him 4 times before he does the final POOF bye-bye Tyler.

IOS Game, iPad and iPhone

Simple word search

Simple Word Search is a simple fun Word Search game with dark mode, it currently has over 150 thousand words in categories ranging from Animals, Cities, Lakes, First Names, Last Names, Four Letters, Six Letters, Eight Letters and Australia. The Word Search boards range from 8×8 up to 14×14 and are randomly generated every time, Simple Word Search will never have any Adds or in App Purchases. I will be adding categories and words every update.